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Never Run Out Of Injera

Embrace the heart of Ethiopian cuisine with our monthly Injera subscription. Each month, you'll receive 20 pieces of our authentic, freshly made 100% Teff Injera, delivered straight to your doorstep


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Why Subscribe?

Consistent Quality: Each Injera is made with the finest Teff flour, water, and salt, following age-old recipes to guarantee the perfect sourness and spongy texture every time.
Convenience: Skip the hassle of making Injera at home. Enjoy the ease of having it delivered right to you.
Perfect for Sharing: Each batch of 20 pieces is ideal for family meals, gatherings, or a passionate Injera lover.
Flexibility: Pause, skip, or cancel your subscription at any time. You're in full control.

How It Works

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Sign Up

Choose your start date and provide your delivery details


Receive Monthly

Your Injera arrives fresh at your door, ready to be enjoyed



Perfect for a variety of dishes, our Injera complements any meal


Our farming partners are carefully selected for their ability to meet our exacting standards while preserving ancient traditions.

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100% Teff Flour (gluten-free & nutrient-rich)

Natural Spring Water

A Pinch of Passion


How To Enjoy Injera

Dive into the Ethiopian dining tradition with our simple guide on how to savor injera. Learn to pair it with the right dishes and spices for a full authentic experience. Whether it’s a dollop of spicy Doro Wat or a hearty serving of Misir Wot, injera is the perfect canvas for these vibrant flavors.

Subscribe now!

Transform your dining experience with the authentic taste of Ethiopia delivered right to your home.

The Perfect Complement to Your Injera

Enhance your injera experience with our premium selection of Ethiopian spices. From the fiery kick of Berbere to the aromatic blend of Mitmita, our spices are the perfect way to add authentic Ethiopian flavors to any meal.

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