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Taste the Tradition of Ethiopia

Discover the Authentic Flavors of Ethiopia with Our 100% Teff Injera!


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Why Choose Our Injera?

Injera isn't just food; it's a centuries-old tradition baked into each spongy, delicious bite. At Shega Foods, we bring you the heart of Ethiopian cuisine with our authentic, naturally fermented injera, crafted using traditional methods and the finest teff flour.





100% Teff: Made with only three ingredient (teff flour, water, & yeast)
Health Benefits: Gluten-free, rich in fiber and iron
Perfect base for a variety of Ethiopian and Eritrean dishes

From Our Family to Your Table

Welcome to Shega Foods — your trusted family-owned purveyor of premium Ethiopian culinary delights since 1996. Rooted in rich tradition and a passion for authentic flavors, our journey began with a commitment to provide restaurants and specialty shops with the finest traditional Ethiopian foods. Over the years, our dedication to quality and taste has cemented our reputation as a leading supplier in the industry.


Our farming partners are carefully selected for their ability to meet our exacting standards while preserving ancient traditions.

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100% Teff Flour (gluten-free & nutrient-rich)

Natural Spring Water

A Pinch of Passion


How To Enjoy Injera

Dive into the Ethiopian dining tradition with our simple guide on how to savor injera. Learn to pair it with the right dishes and spices for a full authentic experience. Whether it’s a dollop of spicy Doro Wat or a hearty serving of Misir Wot, injera is the perfect canvas for these vibrant flavors.

The Perfect Complement to Your Injera

Enhance your injera experience with our premium selection of Ethiopian spices. From the fiery kick of Berbere to the aromatic blend of Mitmita, our spices are the perfect way to add authentic Ethiopian flavors to any meal.

Abeba T.

I've never tasted injera quite like this before. The authenticity is unmatched! It felt like a journey back to Ethiopia with every bite.

Megan L.

As someone with celiac disease, finding gluten-free options can be tough. This injera is not only safe but incredibly delicious!

Samuel K.

Having grown up with traditional Ethiopian cooking, I've always been picky about my injera. This is, by far, the closest I've come to recreating those cherished memories from my grandmother's kitchen. 
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